The Barcelona Trip of Your Dreams

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and also considered the cosmopolitan capital of Spain because of its rich culture, as well as its arts and architecture. Every year, millions of people worldwide visit Barcelona to enjoy the beauty of the Catalan city.

My trip to Barcelona started with a visit to the Barcelona Cathedral, which is also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. The cathedral, which was constructed between the 13th and 15th centuries, is one of the oldest buildings in Spain, and the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona.

It was amazing to see the cathedral’s Gothic design, including the gargoyles on the roof.

After the trip to the cathedral, we took a stroll around Barcelona City, walking by some of the trendy stores like Cartier, and watching street performers dancing.

During our stroll, we stopped by the Plaça de Catalunya, which is the square in the middle of the city where the old city and new city expansion converge. While we were there, we watched people feed the pigeons, and fellow tourists taking pictures of the fountain and some of the nearby buildings.

The fountains in the plaza were also a tourist hotspot, and a lot of visitors can be seen posing by fountains and having their pictures taken.

While we were at the Plaça de Catalunya, we got so see some of the famous sculptures there like the Francesc Macià monument. Since most of the city’s important streets connect to Plaça de Catalunya, we were able to grab lunch at one of the best café’s in the city.

After getting some food, we proceeded to Port Vell, walking through Las Rambla, which is street in the middle of the city containing a pedestrian mall, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, which is a famous Barcelona opera house, and the Teatre Principal, which was built in 1568 and is the oldest theater in the city.

Port Vell is a waterfront harbor that is part of the Port of Barcelona. Prior to the 1992 summer Olympics, the port was nothing more than a collection of old warehouses and factories. The area was built as part of a renewal program before the Olympics started, and is now one of the most popular destinations in the city with over 16 million visitors annually.

At the port, we saw boats of different sizes, some of which were being sailed, while the others were docked at the port. We also saw a lot of seagulls scavenging for food on the boardwalk.

Once we were done checking out the dock, we decided to visit the Columbus Monument, which was constructed as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who reported to the Royal Family in Barcelona after his first voyage to the new continent.

Barcelona Trip
Barcelona Christopher Columbus Statue

The 24 feet tall bronze statue, which was done by Rafael Atché, is believed to depict Columbus pointing toward the new continent.

After seeing the Columbus Monument, we decided to go check out Port Olimpic, which was built in time for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Like Port Vell, the area Port Olimpic sits on used to be the home of abandoned buildings and factories, but it was renovated and is also a top tourist destination in the city.

Port Olimpic is especially popular with tourists because it is very close to Barcelona’s beaches, which are very popular, and at night, the port is one of Barcelona’s most popular districts because of the nightlife. Since we went there during the day, there were a lot of people at the beach enjoying activities like volleyball and swimming.

While we were in Barcelona, we made sure we got to watch the Spanish Grand Prix, which was a very exciting race, even for my girlfriend, who attended for the first time. Despite my favorite drivers not winning, it was still a great experience, which I recorded and can be viewed here.

As exciting as the Spanish Grand Prix was, a trip to Barcelona isn’t complete without visiting Camp Nou, the home of the Barcelona Football Club. We got to watch the home team win and extend their lead in La Liga, the Spanish Primera Division.

The next stop on the trip to Barcelona was to the Barcelona Aquarium, where we got to watch different aquatic animals, including sharks, swim.

Another destination we visited in Barcelona was La Boqueria, which is a large public market in the city with a diverse selection of food. Vendors at La Boqueria sell fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and all sorts of different foods, and is one of the most popular places locals and tourists go to buy their food.

Barcelona During Night

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