Driving Around The Troodos Mountains During Winter

Driving Around The Troodos Mountains During Winter

The Troodos Mountains in the Island of Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination during the summer because of its history, beauty, and the ancient monasteries and churches in the mountains, which attract millions of people each year.

While there is no denying the beauty of the Troodos Mountains during the summer, it is equally as beautiful during the winter as well.

Since some of the monasteries and churches in the mountains are open throughout the year, winter visitors can still experience a lot of the things they are able to during the spring and summer. They have the additional opportunity to see what the Troodos Mountains looks like during the winter, which summer visitors don’t get to.

During the winter, the Troodos Mountains are blanketed in snow, making it a real life winter wonderland. Driving around the mountains gives you a view you will never see at any other time of the year.

While driving around during the winter, you get to see the mountains in a new light. At the top of the mountain, you will see people skiing and snowboarding at the Troodos Ski Resort, which is a very popular destination.

As you drive down the mountains, don’t be surprised to see a few people skiing down the side of the road instead of driving their cars, so they can take in the winter scenery. You will likely also see people taking pictures from the top of the mountains.

Once you’ve left the top of the mountains, the winding roads are surrounded on both sides by pine trees covered in snow. You also get to see some of the ancient monasteries and churches as you make your way down the mountains.

As you descend, the level of snow is slightly reduced and you will be able to get a glimpse of the city and buildings at the bottom of the mountain if it isn’t too foggy. The sights also aren’t the only thing to enjoy while driving in the Troodos Mountains.

Even though there are plenty of curves on the mountain roads, it is a very fun stretch to drive, with straight roads that allow you to speed a little. Going fast is a little difficult at the top of the mountains because of the thick snow at the top. Once you start going down, the roads have less snow and are much easier to navigate.

Since the road up and down the mountain are two single lane roads, you should be careful not to go too fast because there could be a stalled car in the middle of your lane, which could be a serious hazard if you are going too fast.

For those that are scared of heights, there is nothing to worry about because the edges of the road have protective barriers that will prevent you from falling off the side of the road if you ever spin out because of the slippery roads.

You should also be careful when passing cars, so make sure there is no oncoming traffic in the opposite lane before attempting to pass another car.

If you’re ever in Cyprus for the winter, driving around the Troodos Mountains is a highly recommended experience because it will provide you with a view of the area you will not see at any other time of the year.

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