The Loyal Purebred Akita Inu Aimi Happy Moments

As the old saying goes, “dogs are man’s best friend.” This fact holds truly dear to me. My Akita Inu dog, Aimi, has offered me unparalleled loyalty, close companionship, unconditional love and has always had my back. We have a terrific bond and are very fond of each other. We love hanging out and spending time together, especially out in the snow.

Aimi is a purebred Japanese Akita Inu; she is large, powerful, rugged with a wolf like appearance which makes her appear cool and majestic. Her thick coat has an adorable fawn color with white fur on her ventral areas which enables her to adapt favorably to cold environment. Her pedigree affords her a very peculiar yet proud personality; it is as if she is perfectly aware of her impressive breed. She has these small, dark, deeply set eyes and erect, triangular ears set at a perfect angle following the arch of the neck. This look makes her appear like she is alert at all times. It is amazing how she carries herself with a dignified and confident presence.

It is not an overstatement to point out that one of the most memorable adventures that I have had with my dog was when we spent time in the snowy highlands. There was a nice feeling of serenity in the place and the entire scenery was awesome and breath-taking. There was this heavily snowed landscape, in a spectacular location. The sky was cloudy and the snowflakes were falling down. The distant road looked like a small unidentifiable path when viewed from the cliffs. The trees looked like they were going on forever. Their leaves were covered with beautiful flakes of snow.

One of our favorite spots while on that highland was the cliff. I was petting and stroking her while we were standing on this cliff. It felt adventurous and it was a lot of fun. Seeing the two of us together, you will obviously recognize a very close relationship between a man and his best friend.

Interestingly, Aimi actually seemed to have a deeper appreciation of the snow than I did. She stood with a very domineering presence on the edge of the snow cliff. The magnificence of the scenery afforded her comfort and ease while she lay down. This environment accentuated her awesome fawn fur making it stand out like a beautiful blaze.

The view of her on the cliff was spectacular and it was wonderful seeing her lay down in peace while watching the cars slowly moving on the distant road. She looked so calm and relaxed while lying down on that cliff, that it felt like coming close to her would be interruptive. She appeared like she belonged there. She really relished every moment on the edge of that cliff. The view of her in this state was just breath-taking to say the least.

Spending time and having adventures with her gives me a feeling comparable to none other. These are moments that deepen our bond and draw us even closer to each other. She has actually made me appreciate nature on a whole new level. In my opinion, Aimi is one of the best and most loyal kind of pet that I will ever have.

Aimi and Baku

Aimi and Baku

Aimi and Baku

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