Santorini’s Magical Sunset

Santorini’s Magical Sunset

Santorini is one of the islands of Cyclades located in the Aegean Sea. Its administrative boundaries lie within the bewitchingly beautiful country of Greece. The waters of the Aegean Sea are breathtakingly clear and Santorini beaches are composed of multi-colored lava pebbles. The crescent shaped island of Santorini is most famous for its Greek cuisine, array of fine wines and splendid sunset view that has proved timeless in all meanings of the word.

Owing to the island’s crescent shape, it offers the most amazing views of the sky high tones and the evening sunset. Tourists flock Santorini to bear witness of the fact that the island lies on an active volcano crater located within the sea. The island has earned its reputation for being the wedding and honeymoon destination preferred all over Greece and in the world. There is something strangely romantic with sunsets and islands. It is not every day one experiences such a breath-taking sunset view and clear waters on a volcanic island in the middle of a great sea.

It would be a shame for a tourist to go back home without viewing the Santorini sunset. The island fills with sunset enthusiasts and gazers. You will be struggling hard to find the most wonderful spots to enjoy the view. I will ensure you have an easy time by suggesting the best sunset viewing spots. You will indeed feel guilty for not carrying enough photo storage devices.


It is a very popular site located at the very tip of the Santorini Caldera. Due to the reputation it has earned as the most beautiful spot, it is important you arrive early before sunset and before the crowd of tourists arrive wielding their cameras. Oia is just as wonderful during the rest of the day and I assure you your wait will prove to be well deserved at the end of the day.

Akrotiri Lighthouse Tower

It is simply known as Faros. It is located at a high point overlooking the sea and the dazzling sunshine lights up the tower with its warm rays. It boasts a quieter smaller crowd and the magic of the sunset is orchestrated to life with the songs of the seagulls that fly across the tower.


Fira is the capital of this paradise. It particularly has a spot called Mamathira that is located to give an incredible view of the sunset. The beautiful town of Fira gives you an opportunity to watch the sunset at the comfort of the town’s restaurants. You can enjoy the sunset while you sip a tantalizing glass of Vinsanto. This is a wonderfully crafted and delicately prepared wine of the Santorini people.


You may opt to sunset sail. It is a wonderful experience to watch the sunset from the above spots but nothing brings you more emotion than watching the sunset in the sea. This can be done through a ride on the many yachts or boats. While you sail across, you will experience the life in the sun as it sinks in the Aegean Sea.

The breeze of the sea is suddenly brought to life by the sunset and the bursts of color are simply magical. The whole experience is complemented by the Greek wines and delicacies and soft music playing on the boat. Being on a boat will give you a wonderful opportunity to explore the diversity of the island. You can enjoy the lights onshore while being charmed by the sunset as the icing on your cake. Hurry and explore this worldly gem!

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