Trooditissa Monastery

Trooditissa Monastery

The Trooditissa Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Cyprus, and is located in the Troodos Mountains, between the villages of Prodromos and Platres. The monastery has the highest elevation of any monastery in Cyprus, sitting 1,380 meters above sea level.

Like other monasteries, the Trooditissa Monastery functioned as a school for several decades, graduating monks and children that lived in nearby villages.

The monastery is said to go back to the 8th century, but the current building was constructed in 1731. According to historians, during the iconoclastic period, a monk brought one of the 70 icons of the Virgin Mary from Asia Minor to Cyprus.

Upon arriving in Cyprus, the monk lived in the Monastery of St. Nicholas of the cats. After 25 years at the monastery, the monk decided to leave the monastery, taking the icon with him. He eventually found the Cave of Trooditissa, where he lived with another monk. Both monks spent their remaining years in the cave and were buried there after their death.

About 200 years after the monk’s death, the cave and the icon were revealed to Christians. Soon after the cave and icon were found, the monastery was built. However, the original monastery church was burned by Turks in 1585. Another church was built, but it burned down as well, this time it was due to a lit candle that was left in the church.

As the years passed, the reputation of the monastery grew, thanks to a minister and his wife who came to the church to pray for a child. According to legend, while they were at the monastery, the couple promised to devote the child to the monastery if their prayer was answered.

Shortly after their visit, the minister’s wife conceived a boy, who was baptized at the church of Trooditissa. When the boy came of age, his parents fulfilled their promise by offering him to the monastery.

The story of the minister and his wife, as well as other similar stories have led many with fertility issues to visit the monastery in hopes of having a similar miracle happen for them.

Every year, there is a large religious fair held on the grounds of the monastery on August 15th, celebrating the assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Unlike some of the monasteries in the Troodos mountains, the Trooditissa Monastery is considered a retreat for resident monks, and isn’t open to the general public. However, the church is open to the public, who are allowed to visit for prayers.

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