Arrogate And My Special Date - Flying High In Dubai

In 2016 I travelled to the Dubai World Cup and I witnessed California Chrome achieve a magnificent victory. I could hardly wait to return to the event sometime in my future. For several months I simply could not get the majesty and excitement which pours across the region during that most special time out of my mind. One day I realised the only possible way to enhance the glory and recapture the thrill of my first visit might be to share the experience with my love, Katerina. After all, Katerina brings even more magic and beauty into my life each and every day and the event could always use an upgrade.

The dancing water fountains from the top of the giant Burj Khalifa during the daytime were accentuated by a sprawling view of the UAE which extended almost as far the eye could see.

By night the magnificent colors of an endless sea of lights dazzled the senses and established a unique perspective of just how small we are among the giant towers of the night skyline. Unimaginable height rising far into the sky but with a detailed craftsmanship of the structure itself which made it appear as if it belonged there forever.

At night the luxury sea vessels of the marina smiled with their lights as if they were enticing all to climb aboard and head out into the open waters with unprecedented comfort and style.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium was as interesting as it was impressive with a vast array of aquatic creatures entertaining visitors young and old alike as they strolled between the tanks in awe. Even reptiles were present making their obligatory appearance, but it was the penguins who stole the show – forcing laughter and smiles to all faces who came their way.

There are plenty of malls in the world, and many are unique in their own special way – The Dubai Mall is beyond belief, and the only way to understand exactly how incredible it is would require wandering about in front of the Ferrari Store to see the Formula One sitting silently with more power and attitude can be conceived in an automobile.

Nothing gets the heart pounding faster than sitting next to the one you love in the back of an SUV practically flying across the sand during the Desert Safari. I feel like every couple can be brought even closer to each other as they climb aboard a camel together for the first time. Even those of us who have been riding horses for years can appreciate the difference that nature offers from the back of a camel. As if the traditional dance was not enough to top off the desert treat it rained and provided some of the most unbelievable photos of lightning I have ever seen much less photographed myself.

For those who have ventured out to the race track during their lifetime, there is nothing like the setting for the Dubai World Cup. We strolled the history of the statues and past winners and took in the splendid colors of the silks during most of the rainy day. Suddenly before the big race, the rain stopped, and the weather cleared it was almost as if the stage were being set by nature as well as the millions of interested fans throughout the world. Arrogate performed more like a magician than a racehorse as he was left far behind at the start. I remember thinking it was too bad for such a great horse to miss out on a chance to achieve the recognition he deserved and almost as quickly as I dismissed his chances he appeared. Roaring down the stretch the home with as much courage and talent as I have ever seen on any track by any horse he took the trophy by force. We looked at each other with wide-eyed smiles of disbelief as if we were children witnessing something we thought to be magical and completely outside the rules of nature.

Later as the recently-cleared skies were filled with more fireworks than I can ever remember being thrust toward the heavens, we realized that is was truly one of the greatest moments of our lives.

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