Elie - All That Is Best Of Dark And Bright

Sometimes there are just no words to describe how much someone means to you. We are considered to be very blessed to have even a small circle of close friends and loved ones to travel with us during life’s journey. It is the few who know us the best and love us unconditionally that add those most special colors to our world. Those who transcend all barriers we establish in order to protect our innermost delicate emotions from the rest of the world make up that which we call our family. My Elie was a part of my family, and it has been a year since she left her rightful place by my side.

Siberian Husky Troodos Mountains
Elie and I having a blast in the snowy Troodos Mountains

With the clearest blue eyes, she looked straight into my soul and never flinched to defend my integrity with every breath in her body.

Siberian Husky

My beautiful girl was the most lovely Siberian Husky to grace this Earth, and she gave me fourteen wonderful years during her stay. To say I miss her would be the most ridiculous understatement any dog partner could ever make.

Sibeiran Husky
My Beautiful girl Elie

Some people may refer to themselves as pet owners but we all know the truth – those most rare and precious creatures own us at least as much as we could ever own them. Elie was never just my pet, she still lives on forever in the memories, and the countless pictures and even the paintings my mother crafted with loving hands of some of our walks together.

Siberian Husky, Troodos Mountains
Elie having a good time

She was Summer, born on June 15th, and she stood for all of the best parts of the season that is joy. Elie loved me, but even more importantly she understood me. She realized that since I loved animals, it was best for her to tolerate them, so she did.

She was never a big fan of water, but she stood with me in the waves for no other reason than she knew it made me smile.

When I look at a picture of her with my other dogs or cats or even my parrot I can see her trying to act as if she is ok with their company but she was simply being cordial to those lesser creatures of the world – she knew it was just a gracious part of being human.

My Elie was all of the best traits found in humanity wrapped up in one loyal package, and she just happened to be wearing a uniform that resembled a dog.

Siberian Husky
Elie having a blast

I did my very best to give back to her even a small fraction of the many gifts she passed on with an unmistakable smile and her effortless charm. I would like to think that she had a great visit with us here in our mortal realm because she left all of us who know her wealthier for having known her. It is that one of a kind personality that left a mark on me so deep it will never fade. I find those thousands of smiles and the many hours of laughter overshadow the sorrow and remind me that she is somewhere cherishing every moment of our time we had together exactly as I am. I am honored that Elie was a part of my life and I will do my best to preserve her memory as a tribute to her unceasing loyalty. I loved my beautiful girl every day of her life, and she deserves to be held high every day of mine.

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